Monday, May 26, 2014

The What Was I Thinking Files - 1994-95 Be A Player Autos

Have you ever forked over your hard earned money for cards you don't even really like?  Odds are if you're a player or team collector you're familiar with this experience.  I fell victim to this just recently, when I stumbled across this Ted Drury autograph from 1994-95 Be A Player:

Ugh!  This has to be one of the ugliest autographed cards in my entire collection.  This hodgepodge of unlicensed crap is truly one for the player or team collector only.  Yes, the autograph is on-card, but does that even matter in this case?  There are only two reason I picked this up... you can see the white box about 1/4 of the way down the back says 'Hartford', so this is technically a Whalers card.  The other reason I purchased it?  It set me back $1.29.  What can I say, I guess the team collector in me couldn't pass up an autograph I "needed" for around a buck.

The seller even had four other Whalers from the set, and they're all just as u-g-l-y!  These photos make it difficult sometimes to even tell where the player signed.

Five new Whalers autographs that set me back less than $7 total.  I've gotta look over the checklist at some point, but let's hope when I do that there aren't too many more of these for me to track down!

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  1. Send me a gmail message to armaclennan. I've got some of the 79/80 OPC Whalers that you need.



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