Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Roster - 1990-91 Score

1990-91 was the season the hockey card market expanded, much like what happened to the baseball card landscape in 1981.  O-Pee-Chee and Topps were back as usual, but joining them were newcomers like Upper Deck, Score and Pro Set.  "High-end" sets, like O-Pee-Chee Premier, appeared for the first time as well.  I've always thought that Score's inaugural release that season is an under-appreciated set that often gets lost in the shadow of Upper Deck.  In all, there are 20 Whalers cards on the checklist:

#21 - Scott Young

I didn't really pick up on it as a kid, but the photography in this set is actually pretty solid.  I think the design is creative too.  I would have changed just one thing about the cards, but I'll get to that in a minute.

#35 - Pat Verbeek

#46 - Peter Sidorkiewicz

I was watching last night's Bruins/Canadiens game as I got the images ready for this post, and I just had to laugh at the difference in goaltender equipment between the netminders in that game and Peter here.

#70 - Ron Francis

1990-91 Ron Francis cards are always kind of sad for a Whalers fan.

#83 - Sylvain Cote

 #99 - Brad Shaw

#134 - Ray Ferraro

#152 - Ulf Samuelsson

#172 - Dave Babych

#192 - Dave Tippett

#212 - Kevin Dineen

Kevin is the only horizontal Whalers card in the set.  I wish Score had gone with all horizontal cards for this one, I feel like the hockey rink design is much more effective in this format, and most of the horizontal cards that they did put in the set have really great photos.

#237 - Todd Krygier

#259 - Dean Evason

#276 - Randy Cunneyworth

#302 - Yvon Corriveau

#325 - Brad Shaw All-Rookie Team

Brad's the only Whalers player to be featured on multiple cards in the set.

#370 - Adam Burt

#402 - Kay Whitmore NHL Prospect

#419 - Terry Yake NHL Prospect

#431 - Mark Greig First Round Draft Choice

I've always found this card comical, because it almost seems like Mark is in disbelief and shock that he landed with the Whalers.  It was the Whalers who would be disappointed in the end though, as Mark spent more time with their minor league affiliate than he did with the NHL team in three of his four years with Hartford.  Ultimately the team dealt him to Toronto.

There you have it, your 1990-91 Score Hartford Whalers!

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  1. I have about a dozen of those sets, 8-9 still unopened in factory plastic! They'll make me rich yet!

    Sad thing about it is that it was a pretty solid set.


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