Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mr. Hockey's Stick!

Just a few weeks ago I picked up my first Gordie Howe certified auto.  When I saw today's card up for auction a short time later, I thought it would be the perfect card to accompany my autograph.

This Pieces of History game-used stick card comes from the 2001-02 Upper Deck Legends set.  The checklist for these relic inserts is quite impressive, and Howe is actually featured twice (once with Detroit, once with Hartford).  Howe is referred to as Mr. Hockey on the card front.

Here's the back, similar split design as the front, this time with a more closely cropped head shot from the front photo contained within the same circle that the stick piece was on the front.  Once again, Gordie is referred to only as Mr. Hockey, multiple times.  Odd that the word Howe doesn't appear once anywhere on this card.

I'm happy to have added my very first Howe relic to my growing Whalers collection.  This one was a steal too, at just $15 shipped.  I have a few other Whalers game-used cards I'll be showing here in the near future...

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